4 Top Reasons To Offer a Gutter Cleaning Service as a Pressure Washing Company

Should you offer gutter cleaning service as a pressure washing company? It can be difficult to decide which additional services to offer but this is a logical one to offer as an exterior cleaning company. Gutter cleaning service is often overlooked but can be a great addition to your business.

Offering gutter cleaning services as part of your pressure washing business can be extremely beneficial for both your customers and your business. In this blog post, we will discuss the top four reasons why you should offer gutter cleaning services as a pressure washing company. From increasing customer satisfaction to creating a higher profit margin, read on to discover the advantages of adding this service to your business.

1) It’s a logical extension of your current services

For any pressure washing business, gutter cleaning is a natural extension of the services that you already offer. Your ladders and tools can be used for both jobs, meaning that you don’t have to invest in additional equipment or hire new staff to offer this service. Also, since gutter cleaning requires working from ladders or on roofs, you can charge a premium for this service as it will require extra safety precautions and time.

A gutter cleaning service should be seen as an extension of your current exterior cleaning services. Not only will it add value to the services that you offer, but it creates another revenue stream. Since the gutters are right next to the siding and windows, you can easily clean them while you’re cleaning the other exterior surfaces. This means that you can take care of two services in one job, thus maximizing your time and making more money.

It’s also important to note that offering a gutter cleaning service also gives you an edge over your competition as not all pressure washing companies offer this service. It may also give you an advantage and allow you to capture more of the exterior cleaning market share in your area.

2) There’s always a demand for it

Gutter cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance, as clogged gutters can lead to water damage on the roof and other parts of the house. This is especially true in areas with lots of trees, which often drop their leaves in the fall and clog up gutters and downspouts. Since homeowners don’t always clean their gutters regularly, there tends to be a need year-round. 

gutter cleaning service

By providing a gutter cleaning service, a pressure washing company can help homeowners keep their homes in good condition and prevent major problems from developing.

In addition, gutter cleaning can be offered as an additional service that homeowners can benefit from. By adding this service to your pressure washing company’s portfolio, you can increase your customer base and bring in extra income. In many cases, customers may not even think to ask for this service, but once you offer it, they are likely to take advantage of it.

Finally, gutter cleaning is relatively easy to add to your existing business model. All that’s needed is a good ladder, safety equipment, a telescopic pole, gloves and a gutter-cleaning tool. Additionally, you can use a gutter cleaning service as an upsell to other services such as cleaning vinyl siding. This allows you to offer your customers a complete package of services at a competitive price.

As you can see, there’s always a demand for gutter cleaning services and it’s a great way for pressure washing companies to increase their income and expand their customer base. Offering gutter cleaning services can also help homeowners keep their homes in top condition and prevent major problems from developing in the future.

gutter guard installation

3) It’s relatively easy to add onto your current business model

As I mentioned previously, adding gutter cleaning services to your current pressure washing business doesn’t require much in terms of startup costs. You may already have the necessary equipment such as ladders and an extendable pole, or they can be purchased inexpensively. These are all items that you will likely already have on hand as a pressure washing company.

Training is relatively straightforward as it’s simply learning how to safely access the gutters, empty them of any debris and clean up after you’re done.

When it comes to charging for a gutter cleaning service, make sure you maintain your desired hourly rate or have a minum charge for small jobs so you don’t waste your time. 

Lastly, if you desire to start a pressure washing company but lack the necessary funds, you can start a gutter cleaning service and reinvest the profits into a pressure washing company. Starting a gutter cleaning service is a fraction of the cost so if you’re willing to work hard you can get to where you want to be.

4) Use it as an upsell for installing Gutter Guards

When offering a gutter cleaning service, pressure washing companies should always offer gutter guard installation as an upsell. Gutter guards are an essential component in keeping a home’s gutters clean and can save homeowners time and money in the long run. Gutter guard installation is a relatively low-cost item that can be added to the existing pressure washing business model.

For example, rather than simply charging for gutter cleaning, pressure washers can offer the installation of gutter guards along with the cleaning. This way, homeowners only need to invest in the installation once, rather than paying for gutter cleaning multiple times over the years. Gutter guard installation is typically much less expensive than four or more separate cleanings.

Offering gutter guard installation as an upsell is a great way to ensure that customers don’t have to worry about ever having to clean their gutters again. Furthermore, pressure washing companies can guarantee gutter guards for 25 years, so customers will be able to reap the benefits of a cleaner, safer home for years to come.

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